Joe Hill Road Show telecast May 30, 8 pm

Michael J August and Nell Levin will do a live, one hour webcast of their multimedia Show, which they
have performed 27 times to critical acclaim.


Please mark your calendars. Details forthcoming.This event is sponsored by the Darkhorse Theater and The Tennessee Arts Commission as part of TAP’s Art and Activism Project.

If your organization would like to sponsor the Joe Hill Road Show 

You can also send a check to

TAP, PO Box 60338, Nashville,TN 37206.

“This multimedia show provides an entertaining and illuminating look at one of the most distinctive and uniquely creative figures of our nation’s history." Gregory Reish, PhD, Director, Center for Popular Music, Middle Tennessee State University

Welcome Home Video Project

History tells us that music can be a powerful tool for social change.  Michael & Nell were inspired to write a song called Welcome Home as a theme song for the Welcome Home Campaign for Affordable Housing. You can listen to the song and read the lyrics HERE.  We will be releasing the song in June 2020 on our upcoming album Welcome Home and want to make a companion music video.

Each verse in the song is about a population that has been impacted by Nashville’s lack of affordable housing.  This video will be a tremendous educational and promotional tool to forward the goals of building 31,000 units of affordable housing in Nashville by 2025.


Can you help us?  You can make your tax-deductible donation HERE. You can also send a check to TAP, PO Box 60338, Nashville, TN 37206. Please earmark it "housing." Thanking you in advance for your support of affordable housing in Nashville!

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